World Vaping Day? A Quick Background

In 2012, the first World Vaping Day was a resounding success, as countries all around the world raised their electronic cigarettes to salute the new phenomenon of vaping that was replacing smoking. Let’s make this year even bigger than the last – make sure you check out your country’s page and make sure it’s nice and updated. If you can’t find your country here, check your advocacy group to see if they plan on making one – or just make it yourself!



We can offer you advice on how to form a national advocacy group if there isn’t one in your country. Find some friends or members from a local forum, get together, and find out what you guys can do as a group.

Every country that is participating has information explaining the use and styles of electronic cigarettes, as well as where one can buy an electronic cigarette, along with health information and press releases, and other relevant information.

Click here to see all the events for 2012 on a large map.

E-Cigarettes: What are they?

Smoking is the past now, as vaping using an electronic cigarette is what’s leading the way in the 21st century. Billions of people enjoy this new form of getting your nicotine fix without any of the over 5,000 chemical and toxins that are found in cigarettes normally. The electronic cigarette simply produces a mist, or vapor, that contains none of the harmful chemicals seen in a regular cigarette – we can tell you that this vapor doesn’t have tar, or carbon monoxide, or any other carcinogen you’d normally find in cigarette smoke. It’s really no wonder why so many doctors and health organizations have said that the electronic cigarette is the future.


You can find the same ingredients in the juice or liquid use d in an electronic cigarette in an asthma inhaler or a nebulizer used by a lung transplant patient, and there’s over 70 years of research backing the safety of these components. Simply add some flavoring and as much nicotine as the user desires, and bam, that’s all she wrote. Many renowned and famous medical professionals have given their blessings to the electronic cigarette, and furthermore, many public officials have done their own research and conducted investigations on electronic cigarettes, and approved them – we’re very confident that electronic cigarettes are safe to use.

Trying one, or two. Or perhaps more?

Use your country page to find information on where and how you can get ahold of an e-cig, and check out our buyer’s guide for more specific details.

E-Cigarettes: Why?

There are many, many forums dedicated to vaping, that have millions and millions of members – in fact, one of the most active discussion groups has over 300,000 posts each month! There are even several web radio shows, as well as web TV channels, and even a music channel on the radio that are all about electronic cigarettes. Many countries around the world are seeing stable growth of about 40% each year, as more and more people join the masses of vapers already enjoying tasty e-liquids without the harmful effects of cigarettes. In the US and UK, about 8% of smokers have already switched on over, and we expect to see 20% of smokers having made the switch by 2020. About 900 million dollars of the 1.5 billion dollar global market for electronic cigarettes can be found in the United States.

It’s not a question anymore – electronic cigarettes simply work. More people need to know about the message that electronic cigarettes bring: There is no better defense against smoking related deaths and disease than electronic cigarettes – the results are the proof.

This Site Offers Up A Celebration Of Vaping Culture Servings as An Archive of Previous World Vaping Day Events While Providing Expanded and Current Reference Guides, Articles and Vape Info For Both Vapers (New & Old). We Also Provide Clarifying Material Aimed At Anyone Confused or Concerned About Vaping and E-Cigs.