World Vaping Day

The global celebration of electronic cigarette use

World Vaping Day - The global celebration of electronic cigarette use

World Vaping Day


World Vaping Day 2014 – September 18th

Your National Vaping Day will be on Thursday, September 18th

There will be a week of events from Monday 15th through Sunday 21st

The first two World Vaping Days have been resounding successes, with many groups in several countries partcipating. Make sure your country takes part this time: ask your consumer association what they are doing, or if you don’t have one in your country, then get together with some friends to organise an event. What has been great to see is that many of the meet ups organised locally last year have become regular events, often taking place fortnightly or monthly. This is one of the greatest parts of the world vaping day movement. 


You could have a vapemeet on the Day (Thursday 18th September) or maybe do something over the weekend. Join in and spread the word!

Does your country have its own page here? If not – you can write one. It should be in the main language of your country. Don’t be left out.

Our website will stay online and act as a resource for vapers everywhere. As each year’s event comes around, we’ll update the pages, add more countries, and add more resources.



The 1st World Vaping Day

The first ever World Vaping Day in March 2012 was a successful worldwide event recognising the phenomenal success of the modern alternative to smoking. Each year will be bigger and better – so make sure your country’s community group keep their page here updated. If your country is not represented – then ask your national community advocates why not.

If you don’t have a national e-cigarette advocacy group, then get together with other members on your local forum and see what you can do together. We’ll try to help you if we can. We can also advise you on how to start a national group.

Each participating country will have special information for you about what electronic cigarettes are,  where to get an e-cigarette, and which model to buy, on their page here. You will also be able to find Press Releases, information for health professionals and more.


National Vaping Events Happening Near You

– This year’s Map will go live in August 2014 –

Past events – from the first World Vaping Day in 2012

View World Vaping Day 2012 – EVENTS in a larger map

What Are E-Cigarettes ?

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are the new answer to smoking, the 21st Century evolution of a recreation that is enjoyed by billions of people all across the world – and without the 5,300 chemicals identified so far in cigarette smoke. All an e-cigarette produces is a cool water-based mist that has far less potential for harm. We know exactly what is in the vapor, and it doesn’t have any of the tar, carbon monoxide or large amounts of carcinogens that cigarette smoke has. This is why so many professors of medicine and several doctors’ associations have backed the e-cigarette.

Are they safe ?

We know exactly what is in them: the main ingredients are used in asthma inhalers and the nebulizers used by lung transplant patients, and have been studied for 70 years without any evidence of harm. Add nicotine (if desired – not compulsory) and flavoring, and that’s it. This is why there is a long list of senior medical figures who have endorsed them. So many of the senior public health figures who have closely investigated them have approved them that we are very confident they are much safer than smoking tobacco – just look at our page of quotes from the most renowned public health experts in the world.

Want To Try One ?

Check out our Buyer’s Guide To E-Cigarettes, and the country-specific information on your country’s page here.

Why E-Cigarettes ?

Millions of people are using them worldwide, and there are dozens of forums with hundreds of thousands of members. One forum alone has over 300,000 posts per month. There are about ten web TV channels, six web radio shows and a music radio channel dedicated exclusively to electronic cigarettes. E-cigarette use has grown at an unbelievable rate, and has now stabilized at around 40% per year growth in many countries. Already over 8% of smokers have switched in countries such as the US and UK, and by 2020 (or earlier) that figure will be 25%. The global market is now worth some $1.5bn annually, with about $900m business in the USA (Q2 2013).

Millions and millions of enthusiastic users should tell you very clearly that e-cigarettes work – this is indisputable. E-cigarettes are obviously the best solution to the smoking harm issue. We need more people to get the message:

E-Cigarettes are the #1 weapon against smoking-related death and disease

Nothing else works even half as well.


Organised by community groups in each of the main vaping countries