Simple Guide To Make Your Own DIY E-Juice

E-juice is one of the greatest things that you can try it out at home. There are a lot of things that we have learnt to do all by yourself, but the most exciting one of them is making an e-juice at home. But the problem is that most of us don’t even know what an e-juice is. We will be really glad if you already know what it means. So here is one thing that all of us love about love about making e-juices. Know what an e-juice is, and then we will teach you how to make that as well.

What is DIY e-juice?

E-juice is a juice like content that is used to fill e-cigars. The juice that is filled inside the cigars is what turns into the vapour that people smoke. When you make the same stuff at home, that is what you can DIY e-juice, and that is possible. This is the basic thing that you have to know about e-juices. Most people wonder as to how and why these e-juices can be prepared, and that is the reason as to why we are jotting down this article to help you understand that anybody can make an e-juice at home.

Things you need to make DIY e-juice:

Four main elements are used to make e-juices at home, and you shall never find a replacement for them. These four products are PG, VG, flavouring agent and nicotine. Of course, you know that it is not possible to skip nicotine when it comes to cigars. PG and VG stand for Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin respectively. Apart from this, you will also need syringes, gloves, bottles and containers. If you didn’t know, it is quite interesting to note that, you can turn your vape juice into almost any flavour that you want and that is why you need a proper flavouring agent. Once you have all this ready, here are steps that you will have to follow in order to make your own DIY e-juice.

Get to action:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to extract all this in proper measurements. If you are here, then, in most cases, you are a beginner so make sure that you add the suggested levels of nicotine and flavouring agents.

  2. The next step will be to transfer the diluted nicotine liquid into a bottle and choose the flavour that you want. Then make sure that you take proper measurement of the content of flavouring agent that you are adding and transfer it to the nicotine bottle. Do dilute the solution if required.

  1. The base for the juice shall be the VG and PG solution. This will act as the diluent, so measure it and add it to the content that you already have. The next step will be to close the bottle, and the most important thing is to shake the bottle well with all your strength. This will make sure that the content inside mix well.

  2. The last step is to steep the solution, let it rest for a while and put it to use. However, the steeping process is a choice that is left to the discretion of the creator. You can either choose or not do it.